Daniela Sepúlveda 

"La Charawilla

Daniela Sepúlveda, La Charavilla, is a Chilean Singer, Payadora and Decimist Poet, dedicated since 2010 to teache and disseminate Poetic Singing and The Cueca, showing part of the wide variety and poetic and musical richness of our land. Her creations, interpreted with Transposed Guitar, are born from the chilean Cueca and the Poetic Singing, flourishing in an explosion of colors that is reflected in the staging that characterizes me and peasant sounds, that are also nourished by the resource of the " mischief and mischief", but that are born from the depths of "The Singer's soul. In 2015 she returns to live in Valparaíso and rediscover her urban roots, and in 2018, she launches her first musical work as a soloist called: "The devil in paradise". Since that same year, she begins to work on the formation of a band format, in a search to capture her main influences in her creative work: The Cueca and Rock. This is how at the beginning of the year 2021, she came to define the current conformation of the band composed of: Pablo López (Bass), Gonzalo Sánchez (Drums), Joaquín Fuente Alba (Viola), LA CHARAWILLA (Acoustic and Electric Guitar Transposed and Voice). They are currently recording their first production as CHARAWILLA & BANDA. In addition, in 2020 she published her first book named "Revolutionary Woman, Feminist Tenth", the first feminist tenth book published by a woman in Chile.