Danitza Villarroel Orrego

Degree in Art, Technology and Musical Management from the Valparaíso University, Diploma in the specialization of Conducting Youth and Children's Orchestras from the Alberto Hurtado University with teachers Rodolfo Fischer, Felipe Hidalgo and René Silva. She also works as a piano and violin teacher and cultural manager of several projects in the Valparaíso Region. Within her early training are her violin studies and orchestral practice at the former Conservatory of the Municipal Corporation of Valparaíso (now OPEVAL) and, in parallel, piano studies at the chair of maestro Ítalo Olivares. She has participated in different groups and orchestras ranging from learned repertoire to popular and folk music. She has studied conducting with Eduardo Browne, Helmuth Reichel and Ninoska Medel in Santiago. She is founder and director of the Alimapu Philharmonic Orchestra, since 2017 and director of the Orfeón Patrimonial de Valparaíso, since 2020, the same year in which she obtained the Young Leaders Award from the Fundación Piensa, from the Valparaíso Region.