Fabrizzio De Negri Murillo

Bachelor of Science and Musical Arts at the Pontificia UC de Valparaíso, where he did his thesis in composition with Andrés Alcalde (1997). He also obtained a Master's in Art, composition mention at the U. de Chile, where he did his thesis with Jorge Martínez (2010). At the same time, he has studied conducting with Juan Pablo Izquierdo and Eduardo Browne in Santiago, with Luis Gorelik in Concepción, and composition with Antonio Pileggi in Caracas. He was awarded a scholarship by the Andes Foundation to attend the regional specialization and improvement program in orchestra conducting with Guillermo Scarabino at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (2001-2003). He has conducted several orchestras in Chile and has been musical director of the Fach Symphonic Band (since 2004). As an orchestrator and conductor, he has worked on symphonic concerts for the Latin American progressive rock band, Los Jaivas, and for Violeta Parra's daughter, singer-songwriter Isabel Parra, among others. His concert works have been awarded in various composition competitions (Orquesta Marga Marga, FOJI, Grupo Cámara Chile, PUC de Chile, National Symphony Orchestra of Chile, etc.), which have been presented in Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile , Costa Rica, United States, Mexico and Venezuela. He has been awarded, in turn, the Diego Aracena medal and the 2016 Alumni award from the PUCV.