Melissa Johnson Fernández

Singer, Percussionist and Composer; Accompanied by Peruvian cajon, seeds or guitar, Melissa brings together in a presentation full of beauty and melodic richness all the rhythmic and harmonic influences of the Latin American repertoire in a single musical language.
He currently leads as a vocalist and percussion complement, the musical project called LATITUD SUR, a project with which he has sought to remake Latin American repertoire in a fresh and dynamic way, rescuing and bringing Boleros, tangos and Waltzes to the present, in new proposals with bossa-nova rhythms, the tasty Afro-Peruvian rhythms and others. With the input of her musicians, Melissa develops her own musical creation in these same diverse styles. Harmonic riches from Brazil, Afro-Peruvian polyrhythm, the cadence of the bolero and the Peruvian waltz, the influences of Latin American folklore, blues and rock feed his musical ideas, with diverse themes.With her creations, Melissa seeks to reach the soul of society, reflecting it in diverse realities, emotions and feelings of all kinds.In his work of interpretation, he aims to rescue our Latin American musical history from keeping current what is part of our musical intangible cultural heritage, rethinking and disseminating pieces of three of the four typical rhythms of Valparaíso's bohemia: the Bolero, the Peruvian Waltz, the Tango, which despite being foreigners, came to our port to anchor themselves in their musical history, until they became identified with the rhythm and flavor of Latin music in general.