Our main purpose as CMCDNetwork is to bring together young musicians and entrepreneurs from the creative industries of UNESCO music cities to articulate mutual collaboration projects. We are interested in promoting musical cities, contributing to the identity rescue of their territories, and placing the city of Valparaíso as the central axis of our network. 

We want to offer our participants a virtual space for artistic promotion, exchange with other musicians and/or creative managers, along with providing them with a network of contacts and permanent support in their musical endeavors.


The Creative City of Music of Valparaíso, together with the Creative City of Music of Frutillar, annually invite another creative city with the same nomination to generate joint projects for the rescue and/or musical creation of works that link musical traditions of the invited city with Valparaíso and/or with Frutillar. One project per year will be chosen, which will be sponsored by CMCD and monitored by a team of experts, who will guide the managers in the progress of their received proposals. The project will be promoted and disseminated among our networks and will be documented and hosted on our web platform.

Milestone project 2022: Valparaiso-Pésaro