Valparaíso Project

Project aimed at young musicians from the city of Valparaíso, who are interested in undertaking in the creative industry of Valparaíso and in contributing to its development and positioning as a musical city.

The selected projects will be promoted by a group of mentors, who will train and guide the young entrepreneurs in the development of their ideas, who may in turn have the support of an external organization.

Requirements: To have 18 to 35 years old. Being a musician or entrepreneur in the music industry of the UNESCO creative cities. Be partner with other musician or musical entrepreneur from the creative city of music of Valparaíso. To install initiatives that link their musical city with Valparaíso. To choose works/authors that rescue and reflect the musical cultural heritage identity of the territories involved.

Project features: written or audiovisual material (research/composition/performance) with international projection, sustainable and within the framework of creative industries.