CMCD NETWORK, MUSIC CITIES ONE CLICK AWAY is a social network dedicated to musicians belonging to the Unesco Creative Music Cities network. From Valparaíso, UNESCO Creative City of Music, we are interested in providing a space for visibility and professional artistic promotion to our musicians and their peers in the network, along with encouraging profitable alliances and international collaborations. We feel the need to recognize singers, instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, composers, directors and music practitioners of the popular and scholarly genres, whom we consider the main focus of our efforts and the essential engine of the network of creative musical cities.


To assist and to promote initiatives, projects and undertakings among the musicians of the UNESCO Creative Cities, which contribute to the positioning of Valparaíso as a UNESCO Musical City.


To form an international collaborative network of musical creators, managers and entrepreneurs, which brings together and makes visible the musicians of the different UNESCO Creative Cities, through the dissemination of training and employment opportunities, together with the ideation and development of common projects, which rescue the cultural identity of the territories.




To manage a network of mentors in the area of cultural and artistic management, who train and monitor young musicians from the city of Valparaíso in the development of their projects.