Folk, tradition and party directly from Germany: Malikí duo visits Valparaíso and records two songs with renowned Valparaiso's orchestra


The group performed in April in the Ciudad Puerto and joined the musical tour they carried out in the communes of Frutillar, Calle Larga, Los Andes and Santiago de Chile.

Camila Olguín P.

With the aim of bringing a part of the traditional music of Italy and Germany to our country, the Malikí Duo, from Hannover, set foot in the city of Valparaíso for the first time. The group, made up of the German musician and accordionist Markus Korda and the Italian singer Chiara Raimondi, was born in 2019 and within its music combines various genres such as the Greek rebetic, lively tangos, the melodious musette, gypsy swing jazz and traditional folklore of their countries of origin.

Visit that was made possible thanks to the Department of Culture of Hannover, Germany, among other Chilean public-private institutions, in support of the UNESCO creative cities network. A tour in Chile that lasted 24 days and that included different shows and collaborations not only in Valparaíso, but also in the commune of Los Andes, Calle Larga, Frutillar and Santiago.

In the Port City this instance had a special meaning since this meeting allowed an important musical link to be built with the Buenos Aires orchestra Ensamble Trasatlántico de Folk Chile where both groups recorded two songs live: "Hop Hop" and "Tonada a la Primavera ", themes that were also released by the YouTube platform.

Like Valparaíso and more than 40 other locations in the world, Hannover is one of the musical cities recognized by UNESCO, which is why this milestone marks the first collaboration between both areas.

As for Ensamble Trasatlántico, the band is preparing to celebrate ten years of experience, so on June 24 they performed at the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso in a concert that lasted just over an hour and included new musical compositions by the orchestra.