Valparaiso and Pesaro sign cultural collaboration agreement


A cultural collaboration agreement has been consolidated between the municipalities of Pesaro-Italy and Valparaíso-Chile, actively linking these Creative Cities of Music. All this, thanks to the project of the Chilean singer and cultural manager, Javiera Tapia and her documentary "From the score to the voice", which takes a tour of Chilean opera starting with the first performance of this genre in 1830 with "The happy deception" by Gioacchino Rossini, up to the Chilean opera "Lautaro" by composer Eliodoro Ortiz de Zárate, a musician from Buenos Aires perfected in Italy.

The documentary tells the story of two cities that strongly strengthen their cultural ties with each other based on the clear influence of the Italian style in their music and because it is written in Italian. This initiative has the support of CMCD and today is its milestone project.

Added to this management, the recent declaration of the composer Eleodoro Ortiz de Zárate as an illustrious son of the Creative City of Music of Valparaíso and the recognition of him as "Father of the national lyric".

Without a doubt, this is a great step in the remarkable work undertaken by our compatriot living in Pesaro, Javiera Tapia.