Ensamble Transatlántico releases two new video clips inspired by Valparaíso


"Sajuriana del Viento" (Sajurian of the wind) and "Abrazarnos" (Huge us) are the names of the new singles and video clips of the Transatlantic Ensemble of Chilean Folk, now available on YouTube and the different digital platforms. Both musical works are inspired by Valparaíso, the first addressing the characteristic wind  of the port city, while the second is a bolero, a classic rhythm of bohemian porteña, where the musical group also adds this style to its usual repertoire, all thanks to the support of the 2021th Call for the Fund for the Promotion of National Music of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

In the case of "Sajuriana del Viento", Sebastián Díaz, composer, bassist and singer of the Ensemble, explained that "it was carried out as the result of the research process for the degree of my music career, where it was hoped to generate a revitalizing proposal for a Chilean rhythm that has fallen into disuse. The most difficult thing to find was the theme, for several days I was thinking about it, until one day a strong gust of wind simply came through my window that opened my window wide, generating the theme's idea: that strong breeze from Valparaíso that crosses the sea and shows us that the world is a huge place beyond what we can sometimes imagine".

Regarding the song "Abrazarnos", the musician commented that "it is a quite special composition, since it was made together by members of the Ensemble's bases. We decided to make a bolero because we felt that we needed it. Being a group of Valparaíso We studied different types of boleros, listening to their themes, instrumentations, soloists, with orchestra, and so on. After this we decided that we wanted it to be about love, like most boleros, but not that toxic romantic love that no longer It seems to us a contribution, if not the one you have between comrades, family and/or friends, all this in times of pandemic, where due to the health quarantine we could only see each other on screens.

Regarding the audiovisual works that accompany these singles, Duberly Saavedra, also a singer and composer of the Folk Ensemble, stated that "the video for 'Sajuriana del Viento' was designed to visually and notoriously show the Valparaíso wind. For this, we selected a a very special place, the Punta Ángeles Lighthouse and its cliffs, due to its geographical location facing the Pacific Ocean. And for 'Abrazarnos', we wanted to show something more intimate and play a little with space, for which we recorded in the renowned Taller Blanco, generating a journey through the space first between empty tables and few people, until reaching a moment of reunion, camaraderie and warmth".

In this way, the Transatlantic Ensemble of Chilean Folk is very satisfied with both works, thus continuing with the celebration of its ten years of life. Along these lines, Antonio Vásquez, guitarist and artistic director of the "Abrazarnos" video clip, stated that "these new songs have a special meaning for us, because they are the result of a collective effort in which we have implemented new ways to develop our creativity. Both are an inauguration and only the beginning of a process that is taking shape in the exploration of making music from the roots", he concluded.